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Sin City Diaries Hillary Scott Hillary Scott fully nude as she sits on top of a guy sideways and has sex while grinding back and forth on him and then having him run some jewelry over her breasts and nipple before she readjusts and has sex while leaning back against him as he plays with her breasts. Sin City Diaries Mary LeGault Mary LeGault fully nude as she sits in a guy's lap on a balcony lounge chair during sunrise and has him adjust himself and start having sex with her while sitting up and sucking on her nipples before they both lean back as she grinds on him until finally he lies on his back with her on top riding him as he plays with her breasts. Sin City Diaries Amber Smith Amber Smith fully nude in a shower as she washes her breasts and pours soap on her body before she starts rubbing herself in between the legs and moves around in the shower pleasuring herself and moaning. Mary LeGault fully nude in a hot tub as she waits for a guy to remove his shorts and then sits in his lap and has sex while facing him before she has sex with him behind her while bent over the edge of the hot tub. Hillary Scott kneeling fully nude on a bed as she counts some money and plays with it and then bending over and getting on all fours as a guy pours cocaine on her ass and snorts it and then gives her some to do before he has sex with her from behind and pulls on her hair and then takes his belt and wraps it around her neck and chokes her a bit. Vera Miranda kneeling against the arm of a chaise lounge as she has bored sex with a guy who is behind her while he makes her talk to him while Skylar Evans stands fully nude against the wall in the background bored as well until Elena Talan and some guys burst into the room and take pictures of them while Vera and Skylar scramble around grabbing their stuff and then run out the door still naked. Amber Smith standing fully nude under a shower head as she rubs her hands over her breasts and then notices a guy spying on her causing him to run away and her to freak out a bit.


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